Monday, September 24, 2007

My Favorite Things

It's a new day, I'm feeling refreshed and I'm totally renewed! Gotta love those cranky anxiety-ridden days. Glad it's over!

I've got a few favorites that I want to share. You know, shit that makes me smile on a daily basis.

1. Fall has officially begun. There are no words to express my love for all that is fall ~ changing colors, crisp air, football, birthdays (both Thing 2 and the Baby Boy Child have birthdays in the fall), our anniversary, silly halloween costumes...the list in endless! I took this picture yesterday as we were driving home from our family fun time. LOVE THE COLORS! Fall in Minnesota is DEVINE.

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2. A friend of mine (The Shelster) turned me on to this while we were hanging out in Chicago several weeks ago. She had this big ass bottle of piss colored tea that she drank the entire weekend. The Queen Bitch and I were a little nervous about this drink but we tried it anyway. I believe The Shelster said "looks like piss, tastes like heaven" when we were laughing at her for drinking it.
Well, she was right. I bow down to your awesomeness oh Shelster.

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Afterthought ~ Did I already blog about my love of this tea? I feel like I did so if I did, I apologize for the duplicate info. If anything, it just confirms my love for the piss-colored tea.

3. If you have glanced at my blogroll, you see that I read a shitload of blogs. I can't help it. I love reading blogs. Especially crafty ones, which is how I can upon this company. She makes the CUTEST stamps! I have three brand-new Bellas sitting on my desk right now. I can't wait to play with them. It's funny because I *rarely* stamp. I have several ideas for my new ones though and can't wait to play! If you stamp, check out the Bellas!

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4. A new "scrapbooking" website opened a few months ago and I frequent their gallery for inspiration. I haven't really checked out the message boards (dude...I can only do three message boards without going insane...but it's really only two since I suck as a member at the you Zenners!!) If you are looking for inspiration, go visit Scrap In Style. Their gallery is called "Strut Your Stuff" and has some crazy cool shit in it!

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5. This song makes me want to go back to the gym and work out for a second time tonight! LOVE KANYE.

6. K-Ville.
Anthony Anderson cracks me up (always has) and Cole Hauser makes me happy in my naughty bits.

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7. My last bit of favorite things are my kids. I must credit Thing 1 and Thing 2 for helping bring me out of my funk last night (the BBC was sleeping in his crib while Mister Hunzer and The Teen were not at home). They were jumping on the couch, being goofy...being kids. The first photo is Thing 1 in downtown Stillwater yesterday. The second photo is Thing 2 doing face-plants on my couch. He did them PERFECTLY, hitting the couch totally parallel to it. My little brother did the same shit when he was a kid. It was totally nostalgic to watch Thing 2 do this!

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~ xoxo ~


the real ~Roxann~ said...

Dude...glad you're feeling better!

I love that green tea...have you had the Lipton Diet White Tea Berry Honey! Mmmm...I like it. Especially when I want something SWEET!

This weekend we were having our family dance party.....yes, we are dorks like that....and we were jammin' to Kanye's Stronger so neighbor came over to see what was up!!! (Seriously, it was freakin' LOUD!!!)

I'll have to check out all your scrappy links!

(hey...will you email me...I'd like to ask your opinion on something, but not in "public" - my email is


EatCrayons said...

Beautiful Fall pic, we have yet to see that much turnage. Everything about this time of the year gives me those warm fuzzies. happy it's Fall! Fall birthdays are the best too.

To me it looks like piss, and if I had any idea what piss tasted like, that would probably be it. :oÞ Ha. Sorry.

Crackin' up at Thing 2 pre-face plant! :)

2step said...

Awe don't have to keep bowing, just a quick nod in my honor as you are cracking up that bad boy.....

Off to have some Diet Green Pisswater.....


A J Doetkott said...


Good job sweetie. Super kudos.

Becky said...

SO, what Bellas did ya get!?!? Need to try that tea, Ive been hearing good things.