Tuesday, April 29, 2008

* Deep Breath *

I've been holding on to a secret. Well, not a huge secret as those that know me IRL are aware but I haven't wanted to say anything here until the ball was rolling.

It's not necessarily a good secret but here goes...

Mister Hunzer and I are no longer together.

Ugh. I hate saying that but this is the way it needs to be.

I will say this ~ I am blessed that he is the father of my children. He is an absolutely amazing Dad. He's also an amazing friend. We have a very strong friendship and we are still family. I know it'll get hard at times but we only have one focus ~ our kids. We want to keep them happy and healthy. They understand that even though Mom and Dad live in different houses, we are still FAMILY. That is our key word and it's the word that has gotten us through the last five months (we separated about five months ago).


I did move out over the weekend but I only live two blocks away. I've been getting the place situated while working and keeping a smile on my face. It's not easy but like I said, I have a wonderful friend in Mister Hunzer.

Here's to a new path in life.

~ xoxo ~

PS...Now I can get decorating ideas from all you crafty people as I did not inherit an interior design gene AT ALL! *blush*

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What I'm LOVING...

~ Digital Photo Keychains ~

~ Running 2.5 miles without stopping ~

~ Anything Purple ~

~ Amy Poehler ~

~ Having a child's birthday party somewhere other than my own house (no cleaning!!) ~

~ Juno ~

~ Babies ~

~ New Friends ~

~ Belly Laughs ~

~ Decorating New Digs ~

~ Funky Shower Curtains ~

~ Reading actual BOOKS again! ~

~ Crab Legs ~

What I'm NOT LOVING...

~ Ginormous Chin Zits ~

~ Evil People ~

~ Leg Cramps ~

~ Cranky People ~

~ Cancer (it SUCKS) ~

~ My Hair ~

~ No Time For My Damn Hobbies ~

~ Dry Skin ~

~ Allergies ~

~ Back Pain ~

~ Ugly Ties ~

~ Insomnia ~

~ Ginormous Chin Zits (did I already say that??) ~

~ Waiting for a certain ACCEPTANCE letter ~

~ Birds in my backyard that won't shut the FUCK UP!! ~

Let's see if I can kick this insomnia tonight!!!

(Something tells me it will depend on whether or not this DAMN BIRD shuts its freakin' BEAK anytime soon.
I live with a bow-hunter. He may need to use his hunting skills tonight.)

~ xoxo ~

I'm guilty.

I got sucked in to Rock of Love...


Love Ambre but if Brett found love with her, there won't be a Rock of Love 3!! Or will there???

Either way, SNL did a fan-friggin-TASTIC parody of Rock of Love. I can't embed the video here so follow this link and be prepared to giggle.

Yeah I farted...jealous?

~ xoxo ~

By the way kids ~ I ran the ENTIRE 2.5 miles of my route tonight for the FIRST TIME EVAH!!!!! This is MAJOR!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Feeling a little blue tonight.

Then I watched this and I can't stop crying. ~sigh~

The Wild have to win tonight or they are done. It's game six versus the Avs. I'm a Wild fan through and through but damn, Theodore is an absolutely amazing goalie. He is so freaking good!!

~ xoxo ~

PS... I wanna rock hard when I'm 80!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008


I ran 2.1 out of 2.5 miles today. Do you know effin' AWESOME I feel?

When I first started this jogging thing, I couldn't go one block without wanting to DIE. I can't remember when I started running but I think it was within the last month, once the weather started to warm up. Of course, being Minnesota, I have only been able to run 2-3 times per week due to one day of warmth, then 8 inches of snow the next day.

My goal is to run those 2.5 miles straight through by the end of this week.

Boring, I know, but I had to tell somebody!!

~ xoxo ~

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Note to Self: Ex-Lax is BAD NEWS.

That's all I have to say about that.


Hunzer's Flaming Anus

( () )

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I haven't pooped in FOUR DAYS.

Feel my pain. Please.

Even after two laxative pills, I got nuthin'.

I'm watching the first playoff game of the MN Wild vs. the Avs. It's tied 2-2 with three minutes left in the third period. We just fucked up by covering the puck in the crease so the Avs have a penalty shot.

I shut off the tv.

I can't watch.

Although if I watch, I just MIGHT shit my pants.

I would actually welcome that right now.


Do you guys realize that if I don't poop tonight, it's going to come full force tomorrow? WHILE I'M AT WORK?

Do you realize how bad this will be??

Thank the good lawd for air freshner in the fresh linen scent.
PS...Our goalie shut the Avs' penalty shot DOWN. YEAH BEEEYOTCH!!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Back from the Mile-High city!

I was in Denver over the weekend, spending time with two of my closest girlfriends. I had so much fun with them whether we were out partying, lounging around talking about boys, driving in the mountains (okay, that was not fun as I was carsick), etc.

My friend, Special K, lives in Denver. She moved there about 5 years ago to go to Grad school. She is graduating this May and will be moving back home to the 'Scrote. I wanted to go visit her one last time in Denver before she comes home.

Our friend, Ron, lives in San Diego and flew to Denver to hang with us.

It was a much needed weekend with the girls and I loved it.



Oh ~ and I ran at least one straight mile today...and a total of 1.5 miles in my 2 mile run. WOOHOOO!!! Sweaty taints rule!!

~ xoxo ~

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

My armpits stink.

I mean, they STINK. These babies are rank and for good reason!

I, Miss Hunzer L. Hunzer, went for a 2 mile jog/walk today. Not only did I actually JOG during this adventure, I jogged at least HALF the time. This is the second time in three days that I went jogging.

(We got 8 inches of snow yesterday so jogging wasn't gonna happen.
Today? Low 40s and it melted away most of the snow. Thank you Jeebus!)

Now, I realize that two miles ain't shit but it's a start. My Aunt (let's call her C-Dog) is a runner. She's been running since I can remember. I wonder how many miles she has logged on her skinny ass legs? (I say that with LOVE C-Dog!) My jogging pales in comparison but I'm finally doing it. However, I will say this:

Running with a 38DD rack is interesting, to say the least.
After several attempts at trying to corrall the twins, I finally figured out a way ~ I wear my regular bra (Cacique...I love you!) and then wear a sports bra over it. They still bounce and my shoulders hurt like a mo'fo
but they are no longer punching me in the chin or the knees.

One of my favorite lines is "my ass won't run unless it's from the cops". This is true and it has happened a few times (sorry Mom). Now I'm running because I WANT to, not because my dumbass boyfriend made us.

It's amazing, the clarity I feel after a run.

My psyche feels rejuvinated. My mind feels more open, more fresh.

And my taint feels sweaty.

~ xoxo ~