Thursday, December 27, 2007

Okay, Seriously.

How friggin' CUTE is this? This is the Baby Boy Child late, late, LATE on Xmas Day night (like 1 am late because of the excitement of the previous two days).

If that doesn't tickle your innards, then you are evil. You have no soul!! I mean shit...the snorts alone are priceless!

(Yeah, I know my couch is messy. Don't judge me.)

~ xoxo ~

Saturday, December 22, 2007

I'm boring today.

I'm sitting in my office chair, getting a back massage from this Homemedics back massager thingy that my nanny is letting me use. I think I'm in love with it. I could sit here all friggin' day!

However, Thing 2 just came in from playing outside in the snow and is requesting lunch. This is good because I honestly have nothing funny to say today. I'm tired and need a little more sleep.

I give you my favorite LOLCats from the last week:





~ xoxo ~

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Let's revisit one of my favorite comedians, shall we?

I had a date last night with one of my best friends, Annex. We just hung out at my place, noshed on some popcorn, chatted away and watched Dave Attel's Insomniac Tour. Why that one?

Because of our boyfriend, Dane Cook.

Seriously ~ Go rent his stand-up DVDs. You will shed a tear from laughter and maybe even a dribble in your shorts.

I've got a few favorite clips I'm gonna share but first, my little gift to Annex...


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The true Dane fans will appreciate this last one!

~ xoxo ~

Busted. Again.

I was dancing during our Halloween party while making a bunch of peanut butter and jelly sammies for the kids. One of the people there was taking pictures of it, or so I thought.

Turns out she was videotaping it.

I present to you, the Hunzer Peanut Butter Dance.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Isn't this effin' adorable??

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I bought it today for my work's Christmas party. The theme is Ugly Sweater. I really struggled to find one ugly enough; however, sequins and the 3-D effect won my heart.

You know you're jealous.

~ xoxo ~

Sunday, December 09, 2007

A couple cute pics from last night...

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Here are two from Mister Hunzer last night...

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~ xoxo ~

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Up to my eyeballs in shit. I need to ramble.

Who knew poop would be such a potent part of my life??

There is some nasty stomach bug going through my kids and it's killing me! My house smells like puke and poop. Wanna come over and hang out?

I feel terrible because Thing 1 has her Holiday Dance Recital tonight. We won't be going. She's gonna be pissed when she finds out. This stomach thing seems pretty contagious so I don't want to risk infecting an entire high school auditorium of people!

Mister Hunzer is out with Thing 2 for the night. He is taking him to the Monster Truck show with a neighbor and his kid. Thing 1 won't be pleased about this either but hey...she's got a little surprise coming her way next weekend. I'm taking her, a neighbor and the neighbor's daughter to High School Musical on Ice. The girls don't know we are taking them and won't find out until we get there. Thing 1 and her friend will lose their effin' MINDS!

I went to happy hour last night with my brother. We closed her down. Oops. The coolest part? Well, it goes a little something like this...

My brother, his girlfriend and I are sitting at the bar when my brother points to this guy across the way and says "Do you recognize that guy?"

I could only see his profile so I was like "No you douchebag...I don't."

He says "Look again asshole."

Then I saw his full face and said "Holy shit ~ That's Jack Morris!" Then I decided it couldn't be him so I went up and started talking. Sure enough, it was Jack.

Jack Morris pitched for the Twins in the '91 World Series. I've written about my love for the MN Twins before and it's still there. My parents had tickets for the '91 Series home games but I couldn't go because I was grounded. Again. Missing the World Series has scarred me for life. ;)

Anyways, I introduced myself, they invited us to sit and we just hung out. At least, I think they invited us to sit. Who knows. It was late and I had been there a while. ;) Very down to earth guy, smart as hell and fun. A very cool night for this MN Twins fan. I have no pictures or autographs as proof. I didn't want any. We were just drinking beer and hanging out. Although I wasn't impressed with his beer of choice ~ it was Bud Light. That's just nasty. ;)

Time for me to blow outta here and get some shit done around the house like laundry, wrapping Xmas presents and cleaning. That is actually code for "I'm going to go snuggle on the couch with Thing 1 and the Baby Boy Child and not do a damn thing!!"

~ xoxo ~

Thursday, December 06, 2007

That crazy lady crying in the middle of Perkins? Yeah...that was me.

Something happened tonight that had me crying not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES while we were out to dinner with the kids.

It even made my Mom cry when I told her the story.

I didn't get home from work until 7pm because I stayed late and then had to run to my daughter's school for her conferences.

I get home and the kids are starving. DH and I are blah because we have to go pay for and pick up our car from the dealership because I broke it. (I didn't break it...the garage jumped out in front of ME when I was backing out!!) It snowed again today so the roads suck rocks.

We get to Perkins and get comfortable in a nice corner booth (if you aren't familiar with Perkins, it's like a Denny's, Embers, etc). When my 6yo daughter realizes that she is not sitting next to me, she has an absolute fit. She was exhausted (she gets up for school at 6am) and just lost her freakin' mind. She cried for about 15 minutes because she couldn't sit by me. I calmly explained to her that she couldn't act like this, yadda yadda yadda. I wasn't going to give in to her hissy fit and attitude either.

DH took her to the other side of the restaurant to try to calm her down and get her to relax to no avail.

I decided to try. At this point, we were planning to get our food boxed up as soon as it got there, get the kids home and put them all to bed.

She and I go to this quiet spot in the restaurant and just snuggled on the bench for a few minutes. I got her to calm down and explained that her behavior was inappropriate and why, explained why hissy fits aren't appropriate, etc. She was finally calm.

As we were walking back, I saw a man who looked exactly like Santa Claus (minus the red suit and hat). I pointed him out to my daughter and said "Who do you think that could be?"

Her eyes lit up, the frown was gone and girlfriend was AMAZED. Here, at Perkins in our little town, was SANTA CLAUS HIMSELF eating dinner!! She couldn't believe it.

We got back to our table and she started telling my 5yo son about it. He just HAD to see for himself so I got up and walked them over to the area where "Santa" was eating his dinner. I didn't want them to bother him but I did tell them they could peek.

It was so cute ~ they would walk up, peek around the booth, and then come back just wide-eyed and SO HAPPY that they saw Santa. They started talking about how his "deers" are up on the roof and waiting for him to finish. The entire time they were peeking at him, he didn't look up and make eye contact, smile or anything. I was hoping he wasn't mad but also figured he was used to it. I mean, dude looks EXACTLY like Santa...glasses, beard and all.

We get back to our table and it's like a totally different family. Everyone is happy and giggly, my daughter forgot that she was mad because she wasn't sitting by me, and DH and I were in an awesome mood because of how funny the kids were in regards to "Santa".

Our server had seen the kids sneaking peeks at Santa so I told her what was going on. His presence alone changed the course of our dinner from crappy and moody to fun and festive. I told her that we wanted to pay his bill because of this.

She left and then came back with his bill. She said that she didn't tell him we were buying his dinner but she DID tell him that he made a little girl's night. His response? "Noooo...she made my night."

*Cue crying episode #1*

As we were leaving, the kids wanted to walk by "Santa" again and wave goodbye. He waves us over and starts pulling something off of his key ring.

He says to my daughter "I don't have my santa bag here but I wanted to give you this for making me smile. It's a Shield of Faith."

It has a cross inscribed on the front and has some scripture (at least, I think it's some sort of scripture) in the back that says:

"Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go."

*Cue crying episode #2*

He then hands it over to my daughter and thanks us for making his night. Our server was watching the whole thing and was also grinning ear-to-ear. She said that we totally made her night as well.

My kids were ecstatic. I mean, first they see Santa eating dinner and then he gives them this? They were so happy.

We got in the van and started driving away when I decided to call my Mom and tell her about it. As I finished the story, I was crying all over again (crying jag #3) and then heard my Mom crying. She denied it but I could tell.

I'm telling you ~ that little experience tonight just warmed my heart. My kids couldn't stop talking about Santa and I feel like I witnessed something amazing.

I love good people.

(Crap ~ cue crying jag #4!!)

Here is a picture of the shield. Sure it's beat up but it was on his key ring! I told the kids that I would make a necklace out of it and they could share it.

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I'm going to google this Shield of Faith to get some background on it. I just had to share this story. We aren't a very religious family but man...this just touched my heart!!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Picture Share!!

It's about that time ~ time for recent photos, my friends!

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And the UGLY-ASS BOOTS award goes to...ME!! These are sooooo warm and super comfy yet they are, by far, the UGLIEST damn boots on the planet. I love them and they are ALL MINE!! We got about 8 inches of snow on Saturday...I need these bad boys now.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Can't forget the video of the Baby Boy Child walking!! He freaking WALKS people! He's no longer a baby. Oddly enough, I want my uterus back so I can have another one. Do you think they do that? *wink* By the way, don't mind the clothes. Dad dressed him that day. LOL

It's 2am. Time to go to bed. Or, BACK to bed as I slept once already tonight from 6pm to midnight. Oops.

~ xoxo ~

Saturday, December 01, 2007

My favorite song of the moment...

(Grab a tissue's amazing)

"Hear You Me" by Jimmy Eat World

It brings me to my Amanda. *tears* I love it. I love to reconnect with her in any way possible.

It also makes me think of friends or family who have lost loved ones close to them. It's just such a beautiful song.

Here's an a capella version of it on this You Tube video ~ if you are a Law & Order SVU fan, you will love this. If not, just close your eyes and listen.

*sniff* God I love this song.

~ xoxo ~