Sunday, December 16, 2007

Let's revisit one of my favorite comedians, shall we?

I had a date last night with one of my best friends, Annex. We just hung out at my place, noshed on some popcorn, chatted away and watched Dave Attel's Insomniac Tour. Why that one?

Because of our boyfriend, Dane Cook.

Seriously ~ Go rent his stand-up DVDs. You will shed a tear from laughter and maybe even a dribble in your shorts.

I've got a few favorite clips I'm gonna share but first, my little gift to Annex...


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The true Dane fans will appreciate this last one!

~ xoxo ~


A J Doetkott said...


I *heart* Dane. I just bought the Madison square cd/dvd set at Target tonight. J meant to give me Vicious Circle, but when she couldn't find it, she gave me a gift card. Ta da, I am a proud owner of more Dane!

BTW, world, I was there to witness the PB&J dance in person. Totally worth watching twice!!

Ami said...

Love him!!!!
Thanks so much for sharing!
He is so damn cute...the funny is just an extra! I have loved him for quite a few years now.
Have a great day!

*Southern Beall* said...

I fuckin love that one! And Dane Cook is yummy funny! Good stuff

T Grb said...

It's weird that Dane Cook has the same mom as my husband! Oh God, I want to watch the whole thing all over again!