Saturday, December 08, 2007

Up to my eyeballs in shit. I need to ramble.

Who knew poop would be such a potent part of my life??

There is some nasty stomach bug going through my kids and it's killing me! My house smells like puke and poop. Wanna come over and hang out?

I feel terrible because Thing 1 has her Holiday Dance Recital tonight. We won't be going. She's gonna be pissed when she finds out. This stomach thing seems pretty contagious so I don't want to risk infecting an entire high school auditorium of people!

Mister Hunzer is out with Thing 2 for the night. He is taking him to the Monster Truck show with a neighbor and his kid. Thing 1 won't be pleased about this either but hey...she's got a little surprise coming her way next weekend. I'm taking her, a neighbor and the neighbor's daughter to High School Musical on Ice. The girls don't know we are taking them and won't find out until we get there. Thing 1 and her friend will lose their effin' MINDS!

I went to happy hour last night with my brother. We closed her down. Oops. The coolest part? Well, it goes a little something like this...

My brother, his girlfriend and I are sitting at the bar when my brother points to this guy across the way and says "Do you recognize that guy?"

I could only see his profile so I was like "No you douchebag...I don't."

He says "Look again asshole."

Then I saw his full face and said "Holy shit ~ That's Jack Morris!" Then I decided it couldn't be him so I went up and started talking. Sure enough, it was Jack.

Jack Morris pitched for the Twins in the '91 World Series. I've written about my love for the MN Twins before and it's still there. My parents had tickets for the '91 Series home games but I couldn't go because I was grounded. Again. Missing the World Series has scarred me for life. ;)

Anyways, I introduced myself, they invited us to sit and we just hung out. At least, I think they invited us to sit. Who knows. It was late and I had been there a while. ;) Very down to earth guy, smart as hell and fun. A very cool night for this MN Twins fan. I have no pictures or autographs as proof. I didn't want any. We were just drinking beer and hanging out. Although I wasn't impressed with his beer of choice ~ it was Bud Light. That's just nasty. ;)

Time for me to blow outta here and get some shit done around the house like laundry, wrapping Xmas presents and cleaning. That is actually code for "I'm going to go snuggle on the couch with Thing 1 and the Baby Boy Child and not do a damn thing!!"

~ xoxo ~

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