Monday, June 30, 2008

GAH ~ This friggin' EAR WORM!!!

Check out the shirtless guy in the beginning...what a friggin' twat.

Doesn't this song just make you want to kick back with a beer and chill?

My coworker and I sang this song ALL DAY today. I had to download it and will be bringing in to work tomorrow to purposefully drive her insane.

~ xoxo ~

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tired yet wide awake.

How does that happen? Oh, it's because I'm in a totally giddy mood. I haven't had an anxiety attack since my last post, which is good because I've had several in the past week. I'm still feeling sick to my stomach on a daily basis but I can see my mood is dramatically improving.


Only TWO DAYS until the weekend. I need the weekend in a bad, bad way.

~ xoxo ~

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sunday, June 22, 2008

What's going on at this moment?

Glad you asked!!

Drinking: McDonald's Coke (they have

Listening to: The hum of my computer.

Reading: I just finished "Change of Heart" by Jodi Piccoult this morning. I'm trying to decide between the following for my next read ~ "The Friendship Test" by Elizabeth Noble, "The Saving Graces" by Patricia Gaffney, "Echo Park" by Michael Connelly and "The Last Coyote" by Michael Connelly. I read a book on Thursday night that was written by one of our patients at work about his survival of the Holocaust. It was such an emotional book. The man was in Auschwitz and lived to tell about it. I started it at 11pm and didn't put it down until I finished it, around 2am. Simply amazing.

Relieved about: The fact that my injury from the weekend is not nearly as bad as I thought it would be (I took a foot to the face while at the was totally accidental but hurt nonetheless). It hurts but you can hardly tell that I have a bruise and a cut on my nose.

Missing: Annex, the relaxation of the cabin, my babies.

Not Digging: Diarrhea. 'Nuff said.

Thankful for: A wonderful friendship with Mister Hunzer. Even though we are going through a divorce, we can still hang out with each other and the kids and have fun. He's a good guy, that man.

Planning: My next trip up to the cabin.

Reliving: The VAPS (Volcanic Ass Piss).

Daydreaming about: All my hobbies that I love but never get to delve in to. A Hunzer, George Clooney and Ryan Reynolds sandwich. Nursing School (it will happen someday).

Putting off: Grocery Shopping. GOD I HATE GROCERING. Unpacking all the shit in my garage. Cleaning.

Finally Accomplished: Getting a nice base tan for my summer. :)

Happy Monday kids!

~ xoxo ~

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I think that today quantifies as a completely SHITTY DAY.

In fact, I do declare that a primal scream in the terms of FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK are in order. Why? Here's why:

~ I've been getting sick every night over the last 4-5 days. I stayed home from work on Wednesday because I woke up feeling the same way. My doctor thinks that it's stress from the last few months finally catching up with me. Did I mention that my hair is falling out? Yeah. I'm 31. Rock on.

~ I went to work today even though I still felt like complete shit. Nauseaus, cannot eat, tired, no drive...

~ I got my feelings hurt in the late AM which really upset me. I was already not at 100% when I walked in the door and that just knocked it down several notches.

~ About 10 minutes later, I found out that I was NOT accepted to the Nursing program that I applied to. That put me over the edge. I went to lunch with tears in my eyes. Thankfully my new found "cousin" came with me and we shared a bowl of tortilla chips and salsa while she listed to me vent. Love her.

~ Decided mid-afternoon that I refuse to let my feelings get hurt like this anymore and that I will truck on regardless.

~ I then logged on to my local community college's website and registered for a class in the Fall. The Nursing Program director told me that I had a great application and very good essays but that because I got a "C" in General Psychology back in 19-fucking-96, my prerequisite GPA wasn't high enough to be accepted. She told me to retake the General Psych course there and maybe get another prereq or two in so that when I reapply in January, my prereq GPA will be higher. I can take classes at the community college for over $200 less per credit than I would at this other school so I'm all for it. PLUS, I can take the General Psych class online! My work will also help pay for school, as measely as the amount is. Any amount helps at this point.

~ When I left work at 5:00, I was feeling a little bit better and even managed a smile when I said goodbye to my coworkers. I got in my car and made a phone call as I headed towards home. About two miles from work, I heard a giant BOOM and then was sprayed with something. I thought I hit someone and my windows shattered or something.


That 12-pack of Diet Cherry Coke that was sitting in the backseat tried to KILL ME!! Two of the cans just fuckin' EXPLODED and showered my ENTIRE VEHICLE with Diet Cherry Coke. It was EVERYWHERE. At this point I was either going to scream and cry or just laugh.

So I laughed. I laughed my ASS OFF while waiting at a stoplight. I laughed as I wiped pop off my windshield with a sweatshirt that I had in my backseat. I laughed as I realized the back of my head was covered in Diet Cherry Coke. I laughed as I realized my WHITE SHIRT had a great spatter of pop on the back of it. I continued to laugh as I pulled in to the gas station and carried a leaking 12 pack (now 10-pack) of pop from my car to the garbage while the father/son combo leaving the store just stared at me. I'm sure I was a sight, covered in pop and all.

I came home, picked up my babies and spent the evening outside with them. Amazing how little kid giggles can turn your day around.

I'm looking forward to my weekend more than anything right now. I just want to get through tomorrow with no drama, no arguments and no shitcan luck. I just want to show up to work, get through the day and start my weekend. It's going to be a relaxing one and I have a book or two I would like to get through as well.

Happy Friday!!! (God I hope so!!!)

~ xoxo ~

PS...I believe I hit my quota of "fucks" in this post and I shall challenge myself to not use the work "fuck" for the next week (again). Fuckin' good, eh? *wink* Starts NOW...


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Photo Update!!

Thing 1...




Thing 2...




The Baby Boy Child



(Disclaimer: NO, he did not drink out of it. He likes to hold the bottles.)


(I didn't do it this time!!!)



~ xoxo ~

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Um, can I borrow $410? Thanks in advance!!

I saw this skirt on last night and FELL.IN.LOVE with it!!


I have no idea when I would wear it but I just cannot stop looking at it. So, about that $410...

I'm warning you people now ~ This is going to be one hella random entry today!!

I'm blogging now because I'm waiting for my haircolor to set. I have 19 minutes left to go. It was reddish-brown with blond highlights but I'm going straight red now. I change my haircolor way too often to have someone do it for me. Thank god for box colors. *wink*

I must give a ginormous CONGRATULATIONS to my girlie girl in Blogland, A True Southern Beall for two HUGE reasons...

1. She's getting married!!!
2. She just had a BEAUTIFUL baby girl!!

Congratulations Love!

12 minutes to go (GOD HELP scalp itches...yes, I know I am allergic to hair dye but it doesn't stop me from doing it...)

Another blogland friend (Hi Sara!!) has been cross-stitching her little ass off! She's making me miss the days of cross-stitching. I did a search on Etsy for my favorite actor and came up with this kickass cross-stitch pattern:


I want it. (FYI ~ The seller has some pretty cool patterns). I wish I had the time to create and sell stuff on Etsy. Someday, some day. :)

Gotta go ~ Haircolor is done!

~ xoxo ~

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Princess Ariel Kit-Kat Von Sugarhausen...may you Rest In Peace.

My kitty died.

When Mister Hunzer and I separated, he told me that I had to take the cat with me or get rid of her. I didn't want to get rid of her but I couldn't take her with me to my new place. I put up a poster at work advertising a free kitty to a good home. One of our chemo nurses took her in about a month and a half ago.

Two weeks ago, Ariel got out of her new house and was bit in the leg by some sort of animal. They don't know what bit her, just that it got her punctured her bone. Ariel was in the vet clinic for a few days and just couldn't get better so my coworker had to put her down. :(

Rest in peace Ariel ~ you were such a sweet kitty minus the regurgitation of rodents, birds and bunnies. *sniff*



~ xoxo ~

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Why I will never, ever, EVER marry a Dentist.

I can't stand teeth. I've spoken of my extreme aversion to teeth before. I believe I said something about the fact that I would rather chow down on Bob Barker's moldy kibbles-n-bits than deal with teeth. Even beautiful, pearly white, perfectly straight teeth skeeve me out.


Because they are TEETH people!!

Anyways, I'm putzing around on tonight, trying to get inspired to do something crafty up in here. I came across something that made me vomit and swallow it before I knew what happened.

I can't even bring myself to post a photo so I will link it to you here. Go ahead, click on it. It's not naughty.

Just wrong.




~ xoxo ~

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

At this moment, this is me.

~ Deleted ~

Very rarely will I delete an entry but I just cannot look at those photos anymore. I'm on the mend and want to focus on the positive, on the FUTURE.

~ xoxo ~

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

*~* Mental Health Day *~*

I'm home from work today. Woke up with a horrible headache and just decided to stay home. It's now 2:45pm and I have yet to change out of my jammies, open my blinds or step one foot outside. I'm kind of in a funk. It'll pass but for now, it sucks.

I'm reading a Michael Connelley book, "Black Ice", given to me by a very sweet patient. He borrowed me the first one, "Black Echo", and I really liked it. It's not the best read ever, and I prefer James Patterson and Patricia Cornwell, but this author is growing on me.

If I start to feel better this afternoon, I just might put on my running shoes and go for a jog. Just me, my iPod and my dog. If I still feel like this, it will be me, my pillow and my book. I might even torture myself and watch "PS - I Love You". I read the book and it killed me. I have it sitting on my DVR now and am scared to watch it for fear I will start crying and never ever stop.

I hope the rest of y'all are having a fantastical day!

~ xoxo ~