Monday, July 16, 2007

Things I like at this moment:

Leinie's Sunset Wheat and Leinie's Summer Shandy.
"It's so good! Once it hits your's so good!"
(Not together though...the lips don't like that)

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If you knit, it's the shit.
If you crochet, it's still the shit.

Rock of Love
Bret Michaels wants to find love...and get a ton of pussy in the process.
I caught this on VH1 last night. Holy hell ~ There are some wicked trainwrecks on that show!
I think one or two of the chicks he kept had an adam's apple...
It sucks you in like Britney's vaginal vortex only you don't get a raging case of the K-Fed Klap.

My uncle got married over the weekend so I was able to spend some time with my Momties. One flew in from Tejas, another from Alabam-bam and another from Massachushits.
The fourth one lives here and doesn't get a shout-out. *wink*
When my Mom is around her sisters, she's always so happy. I love that. :) I have the BEST photo of two of my Aunts taken by my cousin with his Digi Rebel and fisheye lens. I was explaining what a FUPA was and he snapped a photo of their reactions. It's fucking HILARIOUS but I won't share it here as I'm pretty sure they would kick my ass.
My uncle was BEYOND happy and it was the cutest thing. I don't know his wife very well but from what I hear, they are made for each other. Congratulations!

Not sure if I've mentioned this but I'm going to their concert in SEVEN EFFIN' DAYS!
Just wanted to, ah, point that out.
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Postscript ~ HOLY EFFIN' SHIT! I just found out that I won Meet-and-Greet passes for STAIND on Monday night!! YEEAHHHH!!!! I'm gonna piss myself from excitement!!

Alli ~ a new diet pill
I like this except after I eat a donut. Then it's on like donkey kong.
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I tried doing the Diet Coke thing, the Coke Zero thing but I keep coming back to regular coke. That's some good stuff right there. Especially from a fountain with small bits of ice or from a can at room temp.
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~ xoxo ~


*Southern Beall* said...

Oh! I got sucked into Rock of Love yesterday morning while getting dressed! SHIT!!!! This should be some fun. Oh & do you have myspace? =)

EatCrayons said...

Dude, I'm insanely jealous you're seeing Staind..AGAIN, and that you're doing a meet and greet! If I didn't like ya, I'd have a long list of nasty names I would call ya right about now. ;)

I'd kill for a friggin' beer right now. I'm practically salavating all over myself just thinking about beer.

I'm just not down for the idea of anal leakage...the idea of Alli scares me. Ha.

Nothing will ever taste as good as reg. Coke..nothing!