Wednesday, July 04, 2007

4th of July and Tom Jones...

Could life BE any cooler? *smiles abound!*

Today was lazy. Lazy...lazy...LAY-ZEE.

I slept in until 11am.
Mister Hunzer brought the Baby Boy Child in our room for a bottle and a nap right when I woke up.
I fed the Baby Boy Child and we both fell asleep.
Woke up at 1pm to Thing 2 yelling "MOOOOOOOOOOOOOM ~ Can I have a cookie?"
After hemming and hawing, I decided to share my Lofthouse sugar cookies.
Fucking Lofthouse cookies.
I got my ass out of bed and threw a pork loin in the crock with some BBQ sauce.
Went outside.
Vegged with neighbors.
Watched the kids play with the neighbor's kids.
Drank beer (Leinie's Summer Shandy is try it!)
Inlaws came over.
Had some BBQ pork sammies, a potato dish and some taco dip.
Lit off a bunch of (wussy) fireworks.

I finished the night dancing to Tom Jones with my neighbor...

I hope you enjoyed your fourth as well!!

~ xoxo ~


Heather said...

Carlton Compilation for ya

Tracy said...

Poetry brought to us by The Hunzer. I love it!

A J Doetkott said...

Ahh Carlton!!

Your Fourth sounds near perfect.


*** hunzer *** said...

Yes Heather ~ YOU WIN!! That was awesome!