Thursday, May 17, 2007

Weight Watchers has me by the balls.

It's okay though ~ I need it.

I'm headed in to day four of my first week back on the WW bandwagon. So far, so good. I've been walking every day (which still hurts due to the Jagermeister incident a few weekends ago). I have been going over on my points but only by a few. I figure it's the first week so that will happen. I went grocery shopping today and bought food ONLY for me. A couple of Smart Ones meals, some Healthy Choice french bread and a kick ass Lean Cuisine pizza. I had it tonight and damn...good stuff. It was the Roasted Garlic Chicken pizza. YUMMY IN MY TUMMY!! Mister Hunzer would have to disagree and say that it was bad on my bowels...poor fella. Got his ass kicked in the Dutch Oven Playoffs tonight.

I bought a bunch of the 100 calorie snack packs of various treats. I realize it's probably a big marketing ploy and it will work against me in the long run but for now, I'm digging these snack packs. The ones I have tried so far have been GOOD and only TWO POINTS each! I tried the Sunchips one (in cheddar, of course) and the Hostess Cupcake one. You get three TEENY TINY chocolate cupcakes in the package but they are too cute to resist. Damn good too.

I've been eating a lot of fruit ~ LOVE bananas. I eat them so much that I'm expecting a monkey to come flying out of my ass any day now.

The hardest parts for me are:

1) eating breakfast
2) eating five small meals a day versus three large ones.

I'm not a breakfast person but I have been making myself eat breakfast this week. Mister bought me some Special K cereal with chocolate bits in it. Frankly, it tastes like shit. Sorry hun ~ I know you were trying to help. I'm a SK Red Berries kind of gal. Next time think "Chocolate equals poop. Red Berries equals a hot sweaty shag fest."

The "five small meals" deal is a little difficult when you have five other mouths to feed and they can eat whatever the FUCK THEY WANT TO EAT AND DO IT RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU WHICH MAKES YOU WANT TO SCREAM.

(I'm not bitter. Or jealous. No, not at all.)

I kid ~ but honestly, trying to remember to eat five small meals on top of trying to get everyone else fed and all that jazz is not the easiest thing in the world for me. But I will prevail.

Oh ~ and thanks to you girls for recommending the Skinny Cow and WW desserts. I had completely forgotten about those so I stocked up at the grocery store today. Now I just need to figure out a way to hide the chest freezer so the kids don't dip into my stash...

Later lovelies!


(PS ~ Sara girl, thanks for the idea. I will be surfing that tonight for sure!)


Wendylicious said...

Skinny Cows totally rock my face off, but skip the Klondike knock offs...Slim A Bears. They suck!

texasgirl said...

Good luck on the weight watchers I started back up a few weeks ago. 100 cal snacks are awsome, the ritz snack mix if my favorite. I'm going to be on the lookout for the cupcakes.
And the garlic pizza is the bomb! Had it for lunch today it just sucks that it's 7 points. For me vegetables are the best most of them are 0 points. And that's great.

Good luck!

Kim said...

Hey Hunz,

Good luck with the WW. I am on the wagon myself.

Miss talking to you. MUAH!