Friday, May 25, 2007

My FIVE favorite things right at this moment.

#1 ~

Busy B Boutique on Etsy.
More specifically...



I've been wearing my headbands since they arrived in yesterday's mail. They are ADORABLE and fit wonderfully. They are the perfect accessory to CUTEsify your pigtails or your ponytail!

#2 ~

Yeah, it's a small photo but it's fucking DEVINE. I'm eating one right now.
Perfect late-night snack and only THREE points. BOOYA!

#3 ~

Ahhhh yeah...that's the shit right there baby.

#4 ~

I can haz cheezbrgr? (aka, LOL Cats, aka funny shit!)

#5 ~

Along the same lines as the LOL Cats above, I present to you...



Now, I'm gonna take five of you freaks to do the same thing. Maybe this will get some of your asses back to blogging!! *wink*

#1 ~ Buh Bye.

Hero ~ I know you're out there sugartits!

MollyBGolly ~ It's been SIX MONTHS since your last update, ho.

The Florida Hoochie, aka Liz ~ Take a break from packing girl!

Citizen Mom ~ Let's see if she remembers the little people. *wink*


It's Friday which means it's MAN CANDY day!!

Let's take a gander at McSteamy...aka, McDoMeUntilICanNoLongerWalkAndThenDoMeAgainButThisTimeEvenHarder




mariesi said...

Stella? Seriously? After spending nearly a month in Toronto so far this year, I have absolutely nothing good to say about that beer. Good pics!

Citizen said...

I'm sorry about your dog, Hunzz :(