Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Losing that Ass ~ Week One

Hey kids.

I joined Weight Watchers again. I did WW after my second child was born and was very successful at it. I was also nursing him exclusively at the same time so between the nursing, the diet and the exercise, the weight just fell off of me.

This time it will be more difficult. I'm not exclusively nursing my infant son...in fact, he only nurses once a day (when he first wakes up). I'm thirty years old versus twenty-six years old. I want to lose 30 pounds versus 20 pounds. I'm taking Lexapro for anxiety whereas I was not taking it when I lost the weight the first time.

Even with the odds stacked against me, I know I can do this. I bought a monthly pass for the meetings because frankly, I need to pay to weigh. If I have to do it myself, I will not lost one pound.

I've been pretty good since this started yesterday. I went for a 40 minute walk today with one of the hounds while listening to James Patterson's "Step on a Crack".

That brings me to my next subject...audiobooks. WHERE have I been? I was hesitant to try audiobooks because I thought I would be bored. I downloaded my first one last week ~ "Mary Mary" by James Patterson. I listened to it during my drive down to Little Rock and on the way back from Little Rock. I'm in love with the concept of audiobooks!

This was one helluva boring ass entry but hey ~ I can't be entertaining ALL of the time.

When I hit my goal weight, I will be posting a before and after picture. I already know which "before" picture I will use. It will be the one of me and Aaron Lewis from his show in March.

I would love to hit my 10% goal by the time I see Staind in July. Send good luck vibes my way!

(Fuck man, I would KILL for a bowl of ice cream right now. UGH!)



nesa scraps said...

try skinny cow or even the weight watcher's ice cream! it's delectible and on your diet! Good luck sweetie!

Aunt B said...

Hey Hunzer, have you heard of those Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches? They rock? You can get them at Wal-Mart. They really help me with those "I gotta have me a bowl of ice cream" cravings. And most are 2 pts each. Some are 3. Yummy, too!

GL to ya. I'm in the same boat. 30 pounds for me, too. Did WW before and it worked. I just need the discipline. So lacking in that. Keep us posted.

the real ~Roxann~ said...

Hi Sarah! I've been a faithful reader of yours for a long time. Just wanted to say hi and best of luck at WW! I know you can do it!!


texasgirl said...

If you like audio books try audible.com. You can buy and download books from there. Love it. I listen to my audio books at work.

Dee said...

Damn. Great minds think alike. I was *just* on the WW site checking into it. Good luck, girl. I know you can do it.