Tuesday, May 29, 2007

It's 3am but I can't sleep so here's a photo for ya.

Nikita is on the left, laying down. Sheba is the one in the front, smiling away at the camera. This was taken the day Nikita died. Ever since she died, Sheba has been depressed and not eating her food. We are going on day 5 now and are just stumped at what we should be doing for her. We've been giving her a lot of love and attention, letting her rest while we pet her, telling her what a good girl she is. It's just so sad to see her missing Nikita so much.

Any thoughts?

PS...Have you ever walked around a bar with your pants around your ankles (on purpose) just to see what people's reactions would be?

Yeah, me neither. I was just, um, wondering.


~ xoxo ~

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MSMom said...

Sarah- Sorry to hear about Nikita