Tuesday, May 08, 2007

This one goes in the HOLY SHIT files!

Did you know that there are TARANTULAS in Arkansas?

I'm moving there in 52 days.


There are fucking TARANTULAS in Arkansas.

Yay me.



nesa scraps said...

yes darling there are huge spiders in arkansas. and scorpions. i.e. you can't walk around barefoot outside (or inside for that matter). and don't forget the fire ants. living in the south can sometimes be not so fun.

Planter said...

Big Honkin' Huge Ones at that.


Scott Freeman

Joni said...

Have fun with that! and umm per your previous post, wait 'til you turn 35 it REALLY goes down hill fast!! you'd think someone would learn and ease of the morgan but NOOOO I like staying in bed until 4 on Sundays.... NOT!!