Sunday, August 24, 2008

Picture Update and Weekend Highlights

I took these on Saturday afternoon. You can see just how "smoothly" everything went. Having a toddler in tow craps on the best laid plans. *wink*










Weekend Highlights:

~ A co-worker got married on Friday night. I headed to her reception after work with The Boyfriend. She looked absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I knew she would as she is just thing tiny young blond thang. I was pretty mellow from the night before (STAIND CONCERT!!!) I just laid low and did my own thing until we left at midnight.

~ Saturday consisted of a trip to Menards for mini-blinds for my basement and a storm door for the front door. My basement was finished a few months ago minus the door and closet door to Thing 1's bedroom. She doesn't sleep down there yet because of that and because there are no blinds on her windows. The contractor that was working on my basement is in prison for cocaine so I have a new guy coming over in the morning to finish things. He's even installing the storm door and mini-blinds for me.

~ Saturday also consisted of the trip from HELL to Target. Why hell?

Two words:


I hate shopping for school supplies. It's a GIANT pain in my GIANT ass. Gotta do it though. The kids loved helping me find everything on their list. It's like a f*cking treasure hunt the way the shit is laid out in that section. I managed to stay sane while hunting down the elusive 15 pack of pencil cap erasers and the clear pencil bag with three holes punched in the side all the while hearing "MOM...MOM...MOM" from Booger.

~ Speaking of Booger, he is absolutely IN LOVE with trains. His Dad took him and his brothers and sister to Frazee, MN a few weeks ago to visit with family for a week. Pickleman (formerly known as Mister Hunzer) has a sister in Lake Tahoe, CA who flew in for the same week of Family Fun Time.

Apparently their cabin was by some train tracks so trains were a daily annoyance, err, occurance. Booger would just go apesh*t when he would hear one coming. He even makes the little "choo choo" sounds. It's so cute.

Not realizing this, I had bought Booger a Thomas the Train shirt a while ago. I found it yesterday and asked him if he wanted to wear it.

He couldn't get in the thing fast enough. Kept saying "Choo choo!" over and over again! When we were at Target yesterday for the school supplies, I bought him two Thomas the Train books that nearly blew his mind! The kid is crizzAZZZY!!

~Sunday was pretty laid back. Kids played outside for a bit. Booger and I played catch on the kitchen floor with one of his favorite toys (balls). We did to go Target and by drapes for my bedroom, Thing 1's room and a valance for the boys' room. Tonight I hung the miniblinds with help from Pickleman. However, I hung the curtain rods and drapes by myself. YAY Thing 1's room is looking most AWESOME if you ask me. :) The new contractor can do the rest of the blinds and draps for me when he gets here tomorrow.

Goodnight loves...



the real ~Roxann~ said...

Girl...I know what you mean about the school really sucks!

Shopping for 3 kids with all 4 of my kids in tow was completely insane! My head hurt after 20minutes!! And we still don't have everything we couldn't find after 2 weeks of school! Oh WELL!!!

Stacia Howard said...

Sounds like a busy fuckin weekend! Your lil things are so freakin cute! Getting big...