Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Let my FIVE day weekend commence!!

My co-worker (and the only other person who can effectively do my job) is about to implode and give birth any day now which is why I took tomorrow and Friday off. I have absolutely loved watching her go through this pregnancy and being in her life at this awesome time. It makes me sad about the fact that I can never have another child of my own again. I can never feel those baby kicks, aches and pains again. *cue tears* This too, shall pass. :)

I had a VERY busy day yesterday. It was also one hell of an AWESOME day.

I worked at my FT job until 5:00pm. Amongst my usual job duties, I managed to start accumulating donations for our annual "Patient Appreciation Week" which is coming up at the end of September. I called ten different local eateries and ended up with 100% success on donations!

At 5:30pm I went across the street to the hospital where I now work as an ER Admitting Representative. It's a casual position and I'm still training for it so last night's shift was supposed to be shadowing. Well, I hate sitting on my ass watching other people do shit so I jumped right in. It was a busy night in the ER so I learned a lot. The question is...did I retain any of it??

When I was done there at 9:00pm, I stopped and had a beer or two with a friend near my house. I was falling asleep by the time the 2nd beer came so I went home and cashed out until this morning.

There is another major reason as to why I was so crazy busy yesterday...

I started GRAD SCHOOL!!! It was my first day. I'm doing it all online at the University of Phoenix. I am getting my MBA in Healthcare Administration. Yesterday was my first official day. :)

I called my parents last night to tell them the good news and I think I really took them by surprise. My Mom sounded so happy and so proud of me. It was so reassuring to hear. Back in January, when I told my parents that I was leaving Mister Hunzer, they were not too pleased with me. Needless to say, these last eight months have been very hard on me because I feel like I'm this huge disappointment to my parents. Hearing my Mom and Dad saying that they are so proud of me and hearing how excited they were for me just made my entire day. I love them so much and only want them to know that I'm doing fine and will obtain this degree with everything that I've got.

As for tonight, I finished my first two assignments for my class. It feels good to be back in school. That part of my brain that just absorbs education needs to be woken up so that my next assignment isn't so hard.

All three babies are asleep and I'm headed there shortly myself. I have tomorrow and Friday off. I plan to catch up on some sleep, clean, do some laundry, study, etc,

I'm just so happy right now. Just full of smiles.

~ XoXo


Juls said...

Wow yo are busy!! I forgive you for never being on IM anymore. Congrats on going back to school!! I am proud of you!! Loves!!

Dee said...

Good for you, Hunz! I'm so glad to hear that you're doing so well. My hat's off to you for taking on so much and kicking ass at it all.

Stacia Howard said...

Congrats to you babe! I attended the UOP last year but had to drop it because of some much crap going on. I really like it & the people were fab! Good luck & I am so proud of you!! SOunds like you are one busy chica right now though!

the real ~Roxann~ said...

So happy for you happy! You deserve it so much!!!!!


A said...

I'm so proud of you
A quick haiku proves it true
Love and luck abound!


EatCrayons said...

Grad school? Way to go chick! :)

Glad to hear the happies have found you.