Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I'm moving 880 miles south in less than a month.

So tell me, what things do I need to know about living in the south? More specifically, Central Arkansas?

Be brutally honest if you have to, I can take it. I was already called a Damn Yankee. :)

~ xoxo ~


Planter said...

Three Words:




That's all you need to know.


EatCrayons said...

I don't know much specifically about living in Arkansas, but being in the South for six months now there's still tons I'm trying to figure out. I think these people have their own language and grow incredibly irritated it you don't drink the Sweet Tea. *makes a crazy face*

Tracy said...

It wasn't the Civil War; it was the War for States' Rights. I'm only kidding about that. They talk funny there and Channel 4 is the best news channel.

Wendylicious said...

Yes, you are a Damn Yankee, but I lurv ya anyway! And yes, sweet tea is the only way to go! ;)

Nesa said...

yes, you must drink sweet tea.
yes, that was a mosquito you saw carry the cow off.
become very very knowledgable on how to describe a tornado and what it sounds like *yes it sounds like a train*
get used to people whose family trees don't fork.
i think that's all i have for the moment.
oh, and crappy phone service.

love ya doll

A J Doetkott said...

They shall embrace you - for you are a walking beacon of beauty, fun, interesting, sassy and intelligence!!!!

[said like an evangelist on stage, arms outstretched]