Saturday, June 02, 2007

I *heart* new digi toys!!

I should be crocheting right now, and I will get to it shortly, but I had to play around with my new digi-scrapbooking toys. Damn that Gina Miller ~ she's a HUGE enabler (and incredibly friggin' talented!).


Vintage Frames by Nancy Comelab
Stitched Tags by Anne Dejong

Now, where's that blankie I need to work on?

~ xoxo ~

PS ~ I used Husband's digital camera for these photos as my Canon dRebel has a dead battery and the charger is in a hotel 800 miles away. Yeah. I rock. Anyways, the lighting sucked, my PSE skills suck, etc. Blame Canada.


KKT said...

oh how cool!!! i hope you are able to get your charger back soon!

A J Doetkott said...

I love the curled up corners and scalloped edging. The color looks vintagey and desaturated slightly - very artsy. :)