Monday, November 05, 2007

{ Owie }

My vagina hurts.

Yes, I said it.

My vagina hurts.

I got waxed for the first time tonight. Instead of bikini, I went for brazilian.

I want to stuff a bag of frozen peas down the front of my pants.

That's all.


Wendylicious said...

LOL, I remember the one and only time I tried a Brazillian...right before BDD came home in 2003. I DID go home and sit on a bag of frozen corn!
I told BDD to enjoy it, cause that ain't ever happening again!

Nesa said...

psstt....that actually does help.

the real ~Roxann~ said...

So...the question is....WILL you do it again?!?!?!

*Southern Beall* said...

Sorry your vag hurts. That totally blows. I *HATE* getting waxed. It's all about the MSP or razors anymore. Hope your girly shit heals soon!

BendingPeak said...