Thursday, April 12, 2007


Just a quick picture of the baby boy child. This was taken today as he worked hard to chew the shit out of that toy. The BBC is teething like a mo' fo' and it just hurts to watch him chomp down on plastic for relief. *shudders*

Anyways, he's friggin' ADORABLE! I was going to touch up this photo in PSE but I wanted to leave it this way so you could get the full effect of his baby blues.

Random Weather Rant:

I took this photo on Monday (yes, four days ago Monday). Bill and Millicent, the Porno Ducks, were taking a breather from their daily afternoon romp in the water. (Seriously ~ They hump CONSTANTLY).

This photo was taken yesterday. I took it from my dining room because it was colder than SHIT outside.

It's 70 degrees in the Future Land...less than three months to go!

~ xoxo ~


Miss French Jessica said...

Awww! He's adorable! Love the view, but I's April for crying out loud! There shouldn't be any more snow!!

BendingPeak said...

If this is spring during global warming what will fall be like?

dont eat token said...

NAH NA NAH NA. I got to see the boy and the boy and the girl and the man and the mom the other day!!!

That was callous. I'm not acting like myself with the upcoming move.