Saturday, February 17, 2007

Maybe I can use these socks to cover up my raging KNITTING boner?

I've never been interested in knitting socks until I met Cookie, from Knitters Anonymous. This girl is a fucking ROCKSTAR when it comes to designing socks. Not to mention her hair is adorable!

I was reading updated blogs via my blogroll the other day when I came upon Knitters Anonymous. Cookie posted photos of these two socks that made me have my own little knitting "O".

The design...the detail...the length...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I must make these. I *must*. BUT...they will most likely be some shade of purple because, well, I like purple.

Another knitting blog that makes me happy is Scout's Swag. Girl is awesome and her yarn gallery is to die for. SCHWING! I'm working on Mr. Hunzer so I can order me some of that yummilicioius yarn goodness...perhaps for my socks.

I haven't been doing much knitting or crocheting since we found out we were moving to Arkansas. Decluttering and storage means I have packed away all non-essential crafts (meaning only my scrapbooking shit is out). However, the day I was released from the hospital after my neutering, I made Mr. Hunz take me to the store to get some yarn goodies. I wanted to keep busy while stuck in bed for a few days. I've been crocheting this cute baby blanket for shits and giggles. I obviously have not been working on it a lot since it's in the beginning stages but I am loving the pattern. It's simple and quick.


On the homefront, little *E* started solids the other night. He loves Oatmeal and acted like he has been eating it all his four months of life! I always get nervous starting my babies on solids. I don't know why...perhaps it's because I'm a fucking dork.


By the way ~ only FOUR MORE DAYS before I turn 30 years old!! Add 13 more days to that and I will be meeting AARON LEWIS. WOOHOO!!!



EquineSpirit said...

Awwww....what a little cutie!! Love those first solids photos! ((HUGS!!)) and hope ya have a wonderful birthday!

dont eat token said...

LOL, your four pound thriller needs more than a sock to cover it up.

Happy close-to your birthday day!


That pic of *E* is fucking ADORABLE!

Jill said...

Too cute! Looks like he's enjoying!!!!