Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A weekend of family, friends and chicken shit.

Two weekends ago, the Boyfriend and I went up to my cabin for a four day weekend. It was absolutely devine. Soooo relaxing. We left on Wednesday night. Since he drove (my car, mind you), I drank Captain Coke during the two hour trip. Half a bottle of it, to be exact.

We stopped at a shitcan bar about 20 minutes from my cabin. Had a few more Captain Cokes while the Boyfriend had some Beam Cokes and played some pulltabs (didn't win shit).

Jumped back in the silver bullet (aka, silver Chevy Malibu) and went to the next bar which is about 3 miles from my cabin.

We had more drinks, some shots and played some more pulltabs. This time we pulled $300 baby!!

Thursday we slept in (my head hurt!) and then headed to my parent's cabin for some fishing. It was such a beautiful afternoon. We took the paddleboat out and the lake was as calm as can be. There was a loon swimming near us. He'd go under and pop up in random places but still close enough where we could see him. Then a bald eagle swooped down and grabbed his dinner right out of the lake in front of us. Very cool.

We managed to catch some fish, some sun and some laughs. Perfect Thursday afternoon on the lake.


We spent Friday up in Duluth, walking along the shores of Lake Superior. We had lunch at Grandma's and watched the lift bridge while sitting out in the sun drinking smoothies.



I bought some fun little things in the shops, including salt water taffy (YUM) and beer bands that you wrap around your bottle of beer to identify it as yours. Think "wine charms" but with that skanky flair. They make GREAT bracelets too.


We met my cousin Coley and her Mom for drinks around 5pm that night. Coley goes to school in Duluth and her Mom was up visiting. We had a lot of laughs, a few beers, played pulltabs (no win).


My brother, his girlfriend and one of his buddies came up Friday night. We spent the night a local bar playing pulltabs and drinking beer.

Saturday was spent at another local bar for their 2nd Annual Chicken Shitting Contest.

Yes, you heard me right.


There were seven rounds. Each round consists of 30 numbers. When you buy a drink, you get a number. Once all the numbers are sold, the shitting begins. We go outside where there is an empty cage with a grid on the bottom numbered randomly 1 to 30. The chicken people put a chicken in the cage and whichever number it shits on, that number wins.

Since there were seven rounds, we sat our group down at the table and started playing cards ~ A drinking game, of course (P&A for those of you who play). One rule was that whoever said the next swearword had to be the one to scare the chicken in the next round.

I give you that loser:

The next rule was that whoever was the next person to say the word SHIT had to clean up the chicken shit in the next round.

I give you that loser:

(There seems to be a trend here people).



The last rule was that whoever WON the game and whoever LOST the game had to have a DANCE-OFF to Right Said Fred's "I'm Too Sexy". I don't have photos of the winner and loser but the winner is typing this entry right now and the loser was her brother. I thought my Mom was going to pee her pants when she was watching us and our "dance-off".

At least it wasn't a "pants-off dance-off" cuz, uh, that would be weird.

We spent Saturday night around the campfire, shooting off fireworks here and there, drinking beers, listening to country music and chatting the night away.

Sunday was time to go home.

A much needed respite from this crazy eff'd up world.

I loved every second of it.


~ xoxo ~


A J Doetkott said...

why was i even remotely surprised to see you IN the chicken cage? wooo

so glad you had a great time :)

*Southern Beall* said...

LOL at the chicken cage pic!

And you are such a tease!

the real ~Roxann~ said...

No fair not showing the new man!!!!


HA HA HA!!!! Just Kidding!