Sunday, July 13, 2008

Beautiful Day today!!

It's freaking awesome here today ~ sunny, windy and warm. I even got off my fat ass and went for a run this afternoon! I've been slacking on the running and I can definitely tell. I ran maybe a mile of the 2.5 miles. Sad but I will get back up there. It felt good to get out today though.

I've been messing around on Facebook today, updating my iTunes and iPhone software, creating new playlists, cleaning my house, doing laundry (UGH UGH UGH) and vegging out. The kids are with their Dad leaving me completely alone and overwhelmed with how much I could possibly get done today. Therefore, I am shutting down and only doing a few things.


Lame entry, I know. I hope you all are enjoying your day.

~ xoxo ~


EatCrayons said...

Sometimes those are the best sorts of days. :)

A J Doetkott said...

Very astute! It is overwhelming to have moments of time unplanned and too many things to do in that time.

Happens to me all the days long. Have much to do this month still and fear there will never be an end! Where is my summer going?!

BTW, thanks for the baratsandbereta link. Woo.. got me on a B&B kick for two days there! The mother's day one is definitely my fave. Then the cubicle wars. Makes ya miss the corporate life... maybe not.

Love ya!