Thursday, July 24, 2008

Froggy McGee

Thing 1, Thing 2 and I found a couple of toads (frogs??) tonight while playing outside. I've learned something important in the last few days...


Thing 1 and I were catching the toads. I would hold them, she would pet them but she wouldn't hold them. She SAYS that she doesn't want to get peed on by another toad. Apparently the last toad she had took a piss on her hand. Scarred for life I guess.

Thing 2 and the Neighbor Boy (ages 5 and 7 respectively) were not impressed by the toads at ALL and actually cowered and screamed while we played with them.

Now a few days ago, I learned that a certain boy in my life (one may even call him a "boyfriend") is ALSO afraid of frogs. See, this boy bought a new house and we were walking around the backyard checking things out when a frog leapt out of a tree trunk. The Boyfriend nearly jumped out of his skin when he saw the frog while I was walking towards it going "how cute is he???" The funny part is that The Boyfriend is a total man's man ~ he hunts, fishes, rides a motocycle, works out religiously, etc.

But he's afraid of frogs.

Freakin' wussy boys.


Since Thing 1 didn't want to hold the frog, this is all I managed to take for photos since I was holding it AND taking pictures. He's so cute!!



One more thing...


~ xoxo ~


the real ~Roxann~ said...

screw the frogs.....I wanna hear about the "boyfriend!"

*** hunzer *** said...

Someday I'll spill...someday. *wink*

A J Doetkott said...

Cuuute! You know I love the froggies.

But, I vividly recall finding a mini frog in my yard as you were getting ready to leave for the night. You squealed and rolled up your window when I walked towards you!

LOVE that you're not scared of frog pee. They are so CUTE and fun to hold for a few minutes.

Sarah said...

I love the frog and yep, I want to hear about the boyfriend too!

And yep, boys are wusses, every last one of them!


acomedianswife said...

I was thinking the same thing! lol

*Southern Beall* said...

I too wanna hear about the "boyfriend"!! Happy for you sweet tits! And I too would be afraid of the frogs. lol Kinda cute though.