Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Superbowl is boring me.

Since I haven't been able to check my bloglines for a few days, I updated myself on the important things in life like Perez Hilton's latest gossip and my favorite cats...



Oh ~ I *heart* Obama! This picture just slays me.


I need to go check out the superbowl ads online. I saw one that cracked my ass up. It was the Diet Pepsi Max video with everyone nodding off until they drink Max. Then they start dancing like Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan in "Night at the Roxbury". Loved that Kattan was in it, too!

Later taters...have a great week!

~ xoxo ~


I just saw the Bud Light ad with Will Ferrell and will forever laugh!!

"Bud Light...suck on it."

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*Southern Beall* said...

That was my fave commerical! I loved that duo together. Back when SNL was really worth watching. Anywho, love the Obama pic! Too funny. Glad to see your ass back.