Saturday, August 25, 2007

Um, WOW.

I went out with the neighborhood girls last night. We started at Applebee's with drinks and apps (if you have never tried the Tuscan Cheese Dip, get thee ass to Applebee's NOW!). After a few PERFECT margaritas, we headed to the local crappy dance club for some sweet people watching, tap beer and cheap jagbombs.

I went to bed at 3am this morning.
I woke up YESTERDAY at 3am.
I did not nap at all yesterday.
I was awake for 24 fucking hours.

I am exhausted today BUT I *needed* eggs benedict for brefast (yes, I know I spelled that wrong...I did it on purpose). I gathered up the chirrins and headed to Perkins. I guzzled mass quantities of fountain coke and inhaled the eggs benedict like it was my last meal on earth.

I then decided to take the kidlets to the salon and get Thing 2 a haircut. While waiting, I decided that *I* needed to get my hair done. I just had it cut last week but wanted a drastic color change and wanted some texture (a la the razor).

Imagine a clown.

Now imagine a clown jizzing on your head.

You end up with this:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

It's bright as HELL but I'm loving it! I was a little scared when I first saw it but shit ~ it's just hair.

(Good Lord I need a new eyebrow pencil! I used the last of mine a few days ago and haven't ordered a new one. My brows are desperate. I think I'm going to try the Eyebrow Enhancer Serum from Sephora to try and thicken these babies up.)

~ xoxo ~

PS ~ I must share this Caturday photo. Cracks my ass up!

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Amy said...

Girl, you are one sexy bitch!!!!!

Lovin' the new do'.

~Kristina~ said...
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A J Doetkott said...

That'll wake your team up at work. :)

Stacy said...

Just found your it! And I think the haircolor is FABULOUS! Hmm... now me thinks I might be in need of a new 'do....

the real ~Roxann~ said...

OMG Sarah, you are so hilarious! I seriously almost fell off the bed laughing about the clown jizz comment!! Your hair looks great!! In fact, my dh thought is was so cool, he told me to get mine done the same color!!! I'm not sure I could pull it off, though!!

So, how ya been doin'?


KKT said...

you look awesome!!! great color... this ultra-conservative, boring girl is seriously considering getting a little pink streak in mine.

i've never had eggs benedict... hmmm... might have to try that on my next trip to perkins.