Wednesday, August 08, 2007

{ One Week Later }

One week ago, I was taking a nap in my comfy bed when I woke up to a text message from a friend. It said "tell me you aren't on 35W!"

Since I had just woken up, I was out of it and confused. Then I figured there must have been some kind of an accident so I hopped online and saw that the 35W bridge collapsed.

I wanted to puke.

I yelled for my husband and ran into our room to turn on the news. We were, and are, stunned. I then ran to my front window to check on our neighbor's house across the street.

He works for the construction company that was doing deck work on the bridge.

His truck was in the driveway but I called over there for good measure. He was safe and sound but freaked out. I walked across the street and watched some news coverage with him and his wife. He was pointing at some of the company vehicles on the bridge and naming off the drivers, his friends, of said vehicles. By the grace of God, only one construction worker is among the 8 missing people.

The news stories, stories of survival and stories of the victims/missing are absolutely astonishing. You know this as you have been reading the news, too.

The last time I was on that bridge was on July 23, 2007...on my way home after the Staind/Nickleback/Daughtry concert. It was around 10pm and the traffic was still bumper-to-bumper due to the construction.

I was sent a link to some photos of the collapse today via email ~ I-35W Bridge Collapse.

Eight people are still missing today, one week later, as Navy and FBI divers work to recover their bodies from the Mississippi River. Please continue to pray for these people, their family and their loved ones.

There was an editorial cartoon in our local paper today that said "Minnesota ~ Land of 10,000 Tears".


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Amy said...

Yes, it is soooo sad. My heart aches for those families that have lost someone.

scary thing, my stepdad is a truck driver and had driven on that bridge less than 3 hours before it collapsed.