Monday, August 20, 2007

Go to sleep, little one...

As I wait for the Baby Boy Child to go to sleep, I think to myself "Self, it's time to update the blog." He's drinking his bottle while rocking in the baby swing. It's the perfect time.

I really don't have much to talk about so I'll just spout off some random shit and maybe throw out a few recent pictures of the chirrins and whatnot.

Where to start?

Ah ~ This job is putting a HUGE damper in my hobby-time and social life. Sonsofbitches. *wink* In reality, I don't mind because I love what I do and am having fun (thus far). As much as I like my job, I do miss the finer things in life like sleep, hanging out with friends and fucking off on the computer. I'm just being honest ~ you're fucking off on the computer right now, aren't ya? ~smirk~

(Note ~ The Baby Boy Child is now sitting in his baby gate play area trying to take a shit. If he grunts any harder, he's going to pop a blood vessel in his forehead. TMI my ass...I believe in sharing!)

What else...

I broke a filling last night. A little piece of it came out when I was eating a late lunch. While at work today, a huge chunk of it came out when I was chewing gum after my mid-morning break. It felt fan-fucking-tastic. Yes ~ I am THAT intelligent that I chew gum the day after breaking a filling. WTF was I thinking? That tells you how much shit has been on my mind at work.

I get it fixed tomorrow afternoon and will be inviting my Mom out for margaritas after my appointment. It's in my hometown and I will be sans kids. There is a fun little Mexican place nearby that serves good food, kickass salsa, and yummilicious margs. I hope I can drink out of a straw by then. Drooling strawberry margarita out the side of your mouth is totally attractive...right?

(Holy crap ~ I think he's trying to shit a tree trunk.)

Do you like Black Hills Gold jewelry? I ran across this topic over at a scrapbooking website that I frequent and it brought back so many memories of high school. BHG was the SHIT when I was in high school (1991 to 1995). My first serious boyfriend gave me a BHG ring when I was 15 years old. He was 18. We swore that we were going to get married when I graduated from high school. (Typing that made me throw up a little) I even bet my friends $20 that it would happen. Those bitches STILL ask me for that money. ;)

I loved the ring but lost it one afternoon while working out in the weight room. It hurt my finger when lifting weights so I usually left it in my locker. I forgot to take it off so while in the weight room, I stuffed it down my sports bra, never to be seen again.

(What's that smell? It smells like shit in here!! I think we have SUCCESS!! Crap. Mister Hunzer isn't home. This means I have to change him.)

When I was a senior in high school, I BEGGED my parents for a BHG class ring. Being the kickass parental units that they were (and are), I got one and LOVED it. I wore it ALL the time, wore it in my senior pictures, yadda yadda yadda. I still have it and I keep it in my jewelry box. I never wear it and haven't since my freshman year in college. I keep it in my jewelry box because I know that someday, my daughter will sneak into my room, open my jewelry box and steal my jewelry to wear to school. I know this because I did that to MY mother when I was in high school. I *loved* to wear my Mom's class ring to school (and any other jewelry that I could get my hands on). I don't know why but I did. If she is reading this, she now knows what a heathen I was. Sorry Mom!

I fished that ring out tonight and took a picture of it. Ahhhh...such memories!

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I took pictures of my neighbor's baby girl last week. She's six weeks old and just so babylicious! I wanted to practice with my camera and practice my photoshop skills so she was more than willing to let her little one be my subject. Don't laugh as I know my skills are crap but I wanted to show off my favorites:

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Here are some pics of the boys from today. Thing 2 was doing some sort of handstand/cartwheel/handspring move in the front yard so I took advantage and got some fun action shots. The Baby Boy Child was hamming it up for the camera as well.

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I had to throw in that last one of Sheba. She is the self-appointed guardian to the kids. Whenever they are outside, she is right there with them. If they run to the neighbor's house, she is right next to them. She not only protects our kids but all of the kids that they play with as well. It's really cool to see. :)

~ xoxo ~


A J Doetkott said...

Funny shit share. I hope he's fully recovered!

My mom was more into BHG than I was - she bought me a ring when I was in HS. But we exchanged it for silver and it has two little gold leaves around my birthstone. I still have that, too.

GREAT photos! I love the bow idea. What did you use for the backdrop?

acomedianswife said...

I don't even know where my class ring is! That is pretty cool that you kept it!