Tuesday, January 23, 2007

It finally came!!

(No pun intended)

My new bar t-shirt...

The description on their website says:

If you buy this you're disturbed.
If you wear it you're sick.

WOOHOO!!! I *love* offensive shirts. I love wearing them out to the bar and seeing people's expressions when they read them. It's all for shock value baby.

Here are the other three shirts that I bought, the last one being for my brother (he turns 25 on Thursday):

A fellow St. Paulite and kick-ass scrapbooker Extrodinaire, Miz Cathy Z, pointed her readers in the direction of THIS t-shirt today. I love it.

I'm so easily amused.


You can find the first four shirts at Tees for Tards.

You can find the last shirt on Mighty Girl's blog.


nesa scraps said...

oh my hell i'm pissing my pants laughing at those shirts. and cathy z actually pointed out that shirt? wth? LOL.

and the first one you posted really had me busting a gut, since that's my sister's name and i torture her with that song. bwahahaha

Joni said...

you are too funny, I read this post last night and then this morning heard Come on Eileen on 104.1 just started to laugh my ass off (the lady next to me gave me this look) but who cares! anyway getting that shirt for a friend for his bday.. thanks for the heads up!


dont eat token said...

I can't wait to see this in person. I'm still happy with "i am NOT a twat!" SUFI shirt. Thank you.


Micki W. Hill said...

Ok you HAVE to post a pic with you wearing the shirt!!!!!