Thursday, December 28, 2006


I, Hunzer of the Hunzeresque Brigade, have fallen in love with the Franklin Covey store.

I was not aware that one even existed until tonight. Husband and I took the kids to the Mall of America, aka HELL. We had a friend in from out-of-town and decided to meet her there. I hate the Mall but always venture back maybe once a year. Then I remember why I hate it so much and vow never to return...

until now.

On our way out of the mall, I walked by a Franklin Covey store. I'm a planning NERD but have never realized that there are actual STORES for people like me! I bought a FC planner the other night and tweaked it to my liking. One thing has been bugging me though and that is the six holes on the inserts. Well guess what?

I bought a fucking SIX HOLE PUNCH for my planner tonight! My God I have officially entered dorkville. But that's okay, saddle up next to me at the Dorkville Bar and have a beer with me. You are ALL welcome!

I can't believe that I am excited over my six hole punch. I had a little organizational orgasm whilst perusing the Franklin Covey store.

And I'm spent.


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Wendylicious said...

OMG, I thought it was just me. We don't have a store here, but I have totally been haunting their website since I got my new job!