Saturday, December 30, 2006

My little piggies want to fall off.

This is why.

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I love these shoes but DAMN.

The photo below pretty much describes the entire evening. Yes, it's a tampon wrapper in a beer bottle.

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I went out with The Girls tonight for our Chrimmas dinner. We ate at Buca, had plenty of wine, went to an old hangout and drank beer and jager, then ended the night at Bonfire watching dueling pianos. My stomach hurts from laughing so hard! I've known each of these girls since 6th grade. I love going out with them, even if I only see them every few months.

Oh ~ I forgot that Red Bull really DOES keep you up all night. Oops.

Also, I got this little gem in an email from my brother. Seems the little douchebag was bored at work and learned how to use the copy machine. I need some unique ideas on returning the favor...

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1 comment:

dont eat token said...

I like your bro.s shirt cuff.

Just mail him a tampon with a little ketchup on it.

:) Glad you had so much fun with the girls!