Sunday, March 11, 2007

Tuesday March 6th will be remembered FOREVER!!

That is the day that I met the one and only, Aaron Lewis of Staind!! Husband and I almost missed the Meet and Greet due to snow and the late babysitter (because of the snow). Thankfully we got there with a few minutes to spare, met Aaron, got his autograph and all that "Meet and Greet" business. I think he may have been spending time in his "herbal garden" before the M&G but that's just me...

We were in the front row, dead center. The man was literally 10 feet away from me while he was playing. He played for a kickass two-and-a-half hours. It was amazing. Amazing and different as I'm used to seeing Staind with the loud music, moshing and general fun rock concert atmosphere. This was in a small theater, the crowd was quiet while he sang and there was no dancing/moshing whatsoever. Throughout the show you could yell out requests. Since I was so close, I yelled out "Amanda" and he started to play it (Boston). He only did a few chords but it rocked. (I have a special connection to Staind's music because of my stepdaughter, Amanda)

Cameras were not allowed in the theater so I snuck the one above with my cell phone. Two minutes later, security was bitching at me.

I decided to snap a photo during the encore because at that point, I knew it was the end and if they wanted to kick me out, so be it. I had my cell phone lined up to take the pic and right when I snapped it, some drunk bitch behind me hit me in the shoulder and said " you will get kicked out!!!" This is the product of that moment:

On the way out, we passed by his tour bus (well, I assume it's his tour bus). I feel sorry for whoever had to ride the bike.

I stole his setlist off the message board because there is no way in hell I could remember every song he sang. I know that he sang my favorites though!

Bong Hits for Breakfast
Zoe Jane
It's Been a While
Black Rain
Black ( Pearl Jam cover)
So Far Away
Schizophrenic Conversations
Something Like Me


It's Been a While
Right Here (my Amanda song and he confirmed it by saying it was about unconditional love)

There you have it!! That was one of my favorite concerts of all time. Thank you honey ~ it was a WONDERFUL birthday present!!



EatCrayons said...

Chick that, beyond rocks! I'm totally stoked for you..and totally jealous! All I got for my 30th was some beer and a lousy cake.
Man, I knew he was short...but I didn't realize that short. Ha. Sounds like you had a kick-arse night. What an awesome list, love Right Here, and cool on the Pearl Jam cover. Ü

dont eat token said...

Ugh, that drunk b* should have shut it!!!

I'm so glad you got a crazy cool experience for your 3-0.

I bet I would've loved the music too ...I'm just slow to check it out. (who me? me)