Wednesday, November 29, 2006

One Week to Los Angeles baby!!

(And I write out "Los Angeles" instead of LA because I was asked if I was going to a Cali girl no less! Ya goof!)

I have a shitload of stuff to get done before I leave and I found out today that I'm having some minor surgery on Thursday or Friday. That will put me down for at least two days (and it best not go beyond that).

I found out that I can bring my knitting needles and crochet hooks on the plane. YAY! It's a 3.5 hour flight and I'm a nervous flyer so this will be a welcome distraction.

That and Xanax.

And Annex.

And now I bust out in haiku...

Xanax and Annex
Two of my favorite things.
LA here we come!

Some random spoutings for this fine Wednesday morning:

* My cat trained herself to shit outside. This happened sometime this summer. (Not that I'm complaining...) Is that weird?

* When will this bunghole update his damn blog?

* My husband can sleep under ANY condition yet I will stay up all night worrying about the most unimportant things. I wish I had his sleeping abilities but I will pass on his extreme snoring. My God it is going to drive me insane one of these days.

* I'm really starting to like this knitting thing. I love to crochet but it seems there are cuter clothing items when it comes to knitting.

* I'm so far behind on my scrapbooking but guess what...I do not care! I recently become a member of a design team so I know I will get cracking on those pages soon enough.

* I have found a new love for making cards and doing card swaps. It's so much fun to be able to give a handmade card. Of course, I will always purchase cards from this website...They are so wrong yet so damn funny!

Peace, love and all that shit...



dont eat token said...

if you didn't just blog this an hour and a half ago i'd be pissed you didn't email me already!

i haven't finished reading your post yet, but i had to say that AND

i love your haiku. and you.

dont eat token said...

WAIT A MINUTE. That was 12:14 am YESTERDAY.


dont eat token said...


BendingPeak said...

I finally re-found your blog... its now bookmarked!
Sounds like heaps of fun craftiness. Have fun in LA.