Friday, November 10, 2006

My own Mastercard commercial.

Roundtrip Ticket to Los Angeles ~ $175

Three Nights Hotel ~ $375

The experience I will have ~ PRICELESS

Holy shit ... I'm going to LA bitches!! To make this already perfect trip even MORE perfect, I'm going with one of my bestest friends in the whole world, Annex.

Annex is not only one of my best friends but she and I have gone on a few vacays together. The most recent one was Atlanta in February 2005 so I think it's high time we corrupt another town.

I turn 30 years old in February. *gulp* Yes, I said THIRTY. This trip shall kick off my 30th birthday festivities...and we are going in December.

Yeah ~ I'm celebrating my birthday over the span of at least three months. Don't be jealous.




I'm so excited that I could just SHIT.
Unfortunately I cannot so I will just do a little jig around my kitchen island.

1 comment:

dont eat token said...

*shit eating grin*

I can't wait to be seated on the Leno show wearing our twin "SuFi" shirts. "I am not a TWAT."

Hee Hee