Wednesday, November 26, 2008

{ Cunundrum }

Should I stay home alone tonight with my sad heart and my dark house

~ OR ~

Meet my group of girlfriends out for drinks (I've known them since middle school)??


Methinks the girlfriends can kick depression's ass!!!

Why do I have a sad heart?
Holidays can be hard.
Holidays ARE hard.
Couple that with working next to death on a daily basis.
This time of year just seems harder than last year.

Thanksgiving Day plans: Dinner with the family at a country club in the late morning (does that really quantify as "dinner"??, play wii all afternoon long at my parent's house then work at the hospital for four hours.

Crafty Update: Remember that one time I used to scrappbook and shit? Yeah. That was cool.
Actually, I went in to my garage two nights ago and took my scrapbook stuff out of storage. It's been put away almost nine months. I made some super cute xmas ornaments to sell at work as a fundraiser for our Relay for Life team. Even sold a couple already!
I'm knitting again too. I'm off school until next week so I started making mittens for Thing 1. I finished one and am on the cuff of the other. Hopefully I'll finish it this weekend. I would like to make her a matching hat and scarf but that most likely won't happen. Once school starts, I'm fucked.


I said fucked.


Now for some photo updates!!







My digi point-n-shoot camera has been out of commission for almost six months so I'm severely lacking on the photos. I'm hoping to send it out to get fixed soon. I hate not having a camera at all times!!! I'm too paranoid to bring my digital SLR to the bar and shit. *wink*

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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