Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Today was HIDEOUS.

Just fucking HIDEOUS. So hideous that it's almost midnight, I'm fucking EXHAUSTED but I'm too wired to sleep. Sigh.

Help a sista out bloggees...I just joined Blockbuster online as I see a lot of nights home and movie-watching in my future. I was a Netflix girl but I like the notion that I can return movies to the Blockbuster store as well as by mail.

I need movie suggestions. I *love* to laugh. Love action flicks ~ lotsa ass-kicking over blood and gore. I like pyschological thrillers. Romantic comedies are okay. No foreign films (way too ADD for substitles) and no cheesy romance movies. Anything surrounding the death of a child is too hard for me to watch.

Based on that criteria (good GOD I am picky) ~ throw out some movie suggestions. Throw out some TV series suggestions too. Stand-up comedy is also well appreciated here. :)

~ xoxo ~


Joni said...

I know you love Dane Cook, so have you seen Good Luck Chuck w/Jessica Alba? (get the unrated version)

btw, thanks for enabling post on that Laughing Cow cheese, while in Target yesterday I picked up some w/vegie crackers OMG so good!


jhuffman said...

Wild Hogs. I laughed so hard I was crying.

A J Doetkott said...

I started watching Miss Guided and Samantha Who? on

HILARIOUS shows. I promise.

the real ~Roxann~ said...

I have no idea about movies. I haven't seen a movie made for people over the age of 8 in like 2 years!!!! Sorry, I'm no help!

Sorry you had such a bad day!


acomedianswife said...

Greg the Bunny is f-in hilarious! Dh and I laugh so hard everytime we watch it. Truuuuuuuust me.

*** hunzer *** said...

Joni ~ I saw Good Luck Chuck last week and loved it. It was cute and now I have a new love for penguins!

jhuffman ~ Thanks for the recommendation. I've heard good things about it!

Annex ~ Totally forgot about! Thanx toots.

Hugs Rox ~ you are always so sweet!

Comedian's Wife ~ It's going on my queue right now!!

Mamarox said...

If you haven't seen Super Bad, it's worth fewing. Especially good with beer and a friend with a whacked sense of humor.