Saturday, May 31, 2008

August 7th and August 31st are going to KICK ASS!!


One word.

STAIND baby!!!

I have a small obsession with them. These will be my 6th and 7th Staind concerts in three years. I didn't buy VIP tickets this time around. Too spendy for this newly single momma who doesn't make bank. ~ Sigh ~

(Oh ~ 3 Doors Down and Hinder will be there too.)

I couldn't sleep last night so I watched a ton of Aaron Lewis/Staind videos on You Tube.

Here are a couple of Aaron covering Metallica. Enjoy.

And now, one of my favorite Staind songs...

I'll end it with my favorite 3 Doors Down song.

~ xoxo ~


the real ~Roxann~ said...

So happy for you!!!! You deserve a break and what better way to do it?!

And I love both of your favorite songs. Funny thing, I didn't realize that Right Here Waiting song was Staind. (I'm such a loser!)


EatCrayons said...

You suck. But I mean that in the most loving way, spoken purely from jealousy. ;)

'Right Here' IS my favorite song.